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For decades, our distinguished car garage has stood as a beacon of automotive expertise, providing unrivalled bodywork services to a diverse clientele. Our legacy is a testament to years of commitment to precision and craftsmanship, a tradition that has defined our garage since its inception. From addressing minor imperfections to undertaking extensive repairs, our seasoned technicians approach each vehicle with a blend of time-tested techniques and cutting-edge technology. We understand that a vehicle’s body is more than just its outer shell; it’s a reflection of its character and history. Our garage takes pride in offering comprehensive and reliable solutions, seamlessly combining tradition with innovation. As a trusted name in the automotive industry, our dedication to excellence in bodywork services sets us apart, making us the go-to destination for discerning car owners seeking top-tier care for their vehicles.


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Experience unrivaled automotive mastery at Walton Road Garage, where the best mechanics blend tradition and innovation to deliver exceptional services. Your vehicle, our expertise.

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Reliable experts, trusted professionals. Ensuring excellence in every automotive service.

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Warm Assistance, Approachable Guidance, Compassionate Service: Your Friendly Support System.

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Services with quality assurance and satisfaction guaranteed every step of the way.

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Premium components ensuring durability, reliability, and optimal performance for your vehicle.


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