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Car Repairs in Esher – KT10

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Walton road is a one-stop garage to have all you need for your car. We have an extensive experience and in-depth knowledge that makes us capable of dealing expertly with different cars, regardless of the make and model. So, if you are looking for reliable and competitive car repairs in Esher , then you are at the right place! Get in touch with us today!

Is your car functioning abnormally? Do you suspect a malfunctioning? Or are you not enjoying the drive anymore? Has your car lost the smoothness, it used to offer, on the road? A car is composed of thousands of electrical components. All these components work in coordination with each other to enable smooth car functionality. However, these parts, due to high complexity, are prone to damage. So, the question is that what should you do then? Bring your car to us for repair, in case of any abnormality or malfunction, and we will take care of the rest!

What do we repair?

We can rectify anything going wrong with your vehicle. Moreover, we run diagnostic tests to identify and repair the underlying disturbing car parts.

  •  A bad battery may cause slow engine, dim lights and tired car. You definitely would never want this, right? So, bring your car to us if you observe any of these signs. We try to come up with the most hassle-free and affordable solutions to battery problems.
  • Exhaust is the part of your car that directly affects fuel economy and vehicle efficiency. Therefore, you will get to observe signs like reduced acceleration, engine misfiring and weird noises. We carry out exhaust repairs, and stock a range of tailpipes for replacements.
  • Clutch and braking system ensures your safety on the road. Thus, we urge you to maintain their condition in order to keep yourself and others around you safe.

Contact us for car repairs in Esher

We provide you with mechanical and electrical repairs geared to your needs, so that we can ensure that your car runs as it should. Our teams use only the most technologically advanced tools to perform their work.
Visit our website to learn more about us. Also, checkout the service and contact details. Give us a call at 02089410010 if you are interested in our services or send in a query. We make sure to respond to your questions and suggestions promptly. Drop by our garage for quick and reliable repairs!

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Car Accessories in Walton – KT12

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Are any of your car parts bothering you? Car consists of hundreds of electrical components that work in line to make your car run flawlessly on the road. However, one malfunctioning part affects the overall functioning. So, never ignore a bad car part and get your hands on the most high-quality car accessories in Walton at amazing prices!

Some important parts and car accessories we offer:

Our car parts and accessories are from the leading manufacturers with manufacturer warranties. Moreover, these are approved to meet the European community quality and safety standards.

  • Exhaust and tailpipes:

Who does not want a better fuel economy? Everybody wants to cut short the driving costs. Exhaust works for maintaining fuel economy and for removing the toxic gases from the engine. Therefore, exhaust system must be in first class condition for optimum performance. Exhaust system comprises of converter, muffler, tailpipe etc. At our garage, you can find a huge variety of exhaust accessories and tailpipes for all makes and models.

  • Clutch:

Clutch functions to change the gears smoothly. Moreover, it ensures proper and timely delivery of torque to the wheels for smooth acceleration. If your clutch goes wrong, do not worry about the mismatched parts. At Walton road garage, find clutch disc, pressure plate, and release bearing and other related accessories from top manufacturers!

  • Brakes:

Brakes make up an important security system of the car. Brake pads and brake discs of braking system creates the necessary friction. Therefore, braking system decreases the speed of vehicle smoothly. The breakdown of braking system can be hazardous!

  • Battery:

Electrical components of the car receives the zap of electricity from battery. Moreover, battery provides the voltage and also stabilizes it. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that battery is the power house of our vehicle.

We also stock other number of accessories that will definitely add a lot to your driving experience!

Car accessories in Walton at Walton road garage:

Our 91 years of wealth and experience speaks of our expertise. We have offered our services for 4 generations and never failed to satisfy the customers. There is no compromise on quality at Walton garage!

Visit our website to learn more about us. Check out the service and contact details. Give us a call at 02089410010 if you are interested in our services or send in a query. We value our customers and their queries; we make sure to come up with the best possible suggestions! Drop by our garage for an unparalleled level of experience!