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From Breakdown to Back on the Road

Established in 1922, Walton Road Garage stands as a family-run automotive garage in East Molesey, Surrey. With over a century of excellence, we deliver trusted repairs, maintenance, and unparalleled service.
Professional Services

Expert technicians deliver meticulous care, following manufacturer guidelines for optimal performance, ensuring reliability and customer satisfaction.

Heritage of Excellence

Over a century, Walton Road Garage embodies proven automotive expertise.

Comprehensive Care

One-stop solution for diagnostics, repairs, hybrid services, and vehicle sales.

Quality Assured

Values each customer, ensuring satisfaction, trust, and transparency.


Unmatched quality, service, and expertise redefine excellence

The Walton Road Garage is a family-run business established in 1922; our workshop is situated in East Molesey, Surrey. Since our establishment, we've been the trusted destination for automotive enthusiasts seeking top-tier repairs, maintenance, and a passion for craftsmanship. The business is an essential part of the community and has serviced and fixed cars and motorbikes for four generations. Since our expansion in 1965 and improvements that continue until the present day, we earnestly provide a unique service with a wide customer base. The garage offers a wide range of services, including MOTs, servicing and general repairs and maintenance for all makes and models, including hybrids. All our mechanics are fully qualified and ready to help you with a professional and affordable auto repair service. If your car needs a replacement spare part, we can source it from our vast network of genuine spare parts suppliers so you can be sure of its quality and durability. We are AA Recommended and Approved Mechanical Repairers and members of the Retail Motor Industry Federation. The Walton Road Garage also buy and sell cars, scooters and bikes. We are prime dealers for Piaggio, Gilera, Aprilia and Vespa. Experience the timeless commitment to quality that has made us a cornerstone of the British motoring tradition for over a century!
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Years of Experience

Generations of Excellence

For over a century, Walton Road Garage has been synonymous with automotive mastery, providing unparalleled services and trusted expertise passed down through enduring family traditions.


Great Performance - High Class Service


Walton Road Garage is ensuring road safety with meticulous Class 4 MOT services.
At Walton Road Garage, our Class 4 MOT services guarantee roadworthiness. Meticulous examinations, cutting-edge facilities, and skilled technicians ensure precision, safety, and compliance for a reliable automotive experience.


Expert servicing ensures peak performance, longevity, and reliability for your cherished vehicle.
At Walton Road Garage, expert servicing ensures optimal vehicle performance. Our skilled technicians, precision diagnostics, and commitment to excellence provide comprehensive care, maintaining reliability for a smooth driving experience.


Precision diagnostics uncover issues, offering tailored solutions for optimal vehicle performance and reliability.
Walton Road Garage excels in diagnostics, unraveling automotive complexities with precision. Our skilled technicians use cutting-edge technology to identify and address issues, ensuring optimal vehicle performance and reliability.


Precision repairs restore vehicles, ensuring safety, reliability, and optimal performance every time.
At Walton Road Garage, trust our skilled technicians for meticulous repairs. From clutches to brakes, we blend tradition with modern expertise, ensuring your vehicle's optimal performance and safety.


Revitalize driving comfort with expert air conditioning servicing for peak performance and efficiency.
Stay cool on the road with Walton Road Garage's air conditioning services. Our skilled technicians use cutting-edge technology to ensure your vehicle's AC system delivers optimal performance and comfort.


Premium, mid-range, and budget-friendly tires for optimal performance and road safety.
Enhance road grip and efficiency with our comprehensive tyre services. From premium to budget-friendly options, Walton Road Garage ensures top-tier solutions, safety, and satisfaction for every driver.


Revitalize your vehicle's appearance and structure with meticulous and expert bodywork services.
Transform your vehicle with Walton Road Garage's expert bodywork services. Meticulous repairs, modern technology, and time-tested techniques ensure a flawless finish that reflects your car's character and history.


Hybrid cars redefine efficiency, sustainability, and driving experience with advanced technology.
Embrace the future with hybrid cars at Walton Road Garage. Our seasoned technicians specialize in eco-friendly technology, ensuring top-tier service for optimal performance and longevity. Drive sustainably with confidence.

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Scooter & Bikes

Precision Care for Bike Enthusiasts

Revitalize your bikes and scooters at Walton Road Garage. From routine maintenance to intricate repairs, our skilled technicians provide expert care, ensuring optimal performance and a smooth ride.

Call us for the Expert Mechanics and Services

Experience unrivaled automotive mastery at Walton Road Garage, where the best mechanics blend tradition and innovation to deliver exceptional services. Your vehicle, our expertise.

Trusted & Professional

Reliable experts, trusted professionals. Ensuring excellence in every automotive service.

Friendly Support

Warm Assistance, Approachable Guidance, Compassionate Service: Your Friendly Support System.

Guarantee Services

Services with quality assurance and satisfaction guaranteed every step of the way.

Quality Parts

Premium components ensuring durability, reliability, and optimal performance for your vehicle.


Client Feedback & Reviews

Somesh Gupta

Very efficient and polite owners. Very happy with service. Great Piaggio service centre.

Martin Boult

Always friendly, knowledgeable staff, where go to get my bike MOTs

Selma Terzic

Amazing service, fast, friendly and super efficient!


People there know what they’re doing. Professional Piaggio service.


Small job! They fit a bearing on rear wheel, satisfied with the job, polite and professional team!

Hoda Vidz

My Piaggio Mp3 scooter bike got fixed the next day! Professional, lovely people and very reliable. Hoda

Richard Newman

Brill garage for all your Vespa needs.

Keith Clare

Honest and trustworthy, an unusual asset for a garage.

Trustworthy vehicle transactions, fair valuations, and a satisfying selling experience

At Walton Road Garage, experience seamless vehicle transactions. Whether buying or selling, our fair valuations, transparent process, and curated selection ensure a satisfying and trustworthy automotive exchange for all customers.

Transparent Valuations

Honest and fair assessments ensure customers receive accurate and competitive values for their vehicles.

Effortless Transactions

Streamlined processes tailored to individual preferences provide a stress-free and enjoyable experience for buyers and sellers.

Trusted Platform

Walton Road Garage provides a reliable and efficient environment for both selling and purchasing vehicles.


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